Eyewitness Drawing Gallery

Eyewitnesses seldom come away from a sasquatch encounter with any documentation to verify or illustrate their experience. Sightings catch witnesses unaware and are often so fleeting that they do not allow for the opportunity to pull out a camera or phone. In addition, the moment of the sighting is often emotionally charged, and many witnesses describe a state of near-shock or fear that shuts down every other impulse. In the aftermath, keen to have some sort of physical record of what they have seen, some eyewitnesses have drawn sketches.
The drawings below cover a span of seventy years and are distributed over seventeen states (US) and provinces (Canada) in North America.


Vancouver Island, British Columbia 1967

Comox Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia 1980

Southeastern Alberta

Micah Mountain, British Columbia 1955

Ohio 1980

Mineral Lake, Washington 1991

Allieance, Ohio 1982

Pitt Lake, British Columbia 1955

pointed head New York 2

Madawaska River, Ontario 1993


OR eyew drawing

Quinlan drawing

Eyewitness Drawing Gallery